About Us

The Miniata team encompasses a wide variety of technical and business expertise. Our experience and technical know-how, as well as business skills and knowledge from our many years in the IT industry, combined with an in-depth knowledge of web-based technologies, means you have a flexible multi-talented IT solutions provider able to manage technological change and implement a wide variety of solutions.


Our Business Services provide strategic guidance to determine the business’ expectation from IT and the capabilities required to achieve it, as well as the key operational tactics needed to execute on the agreed strategy.


No company can be successful without motivated hard working individuals and our team has grown up with the company learning hands on with their colleagues through Miniata’s culture of knowledge-sharing and going the extra mile. We are very proud of our team and what they have achieved in the IT industry.


Through our many years in the IT industry, we have gained expertise in many disciplines such as:


  • software development

  • website design

  • hardware setup and maintenance

  • business analysis and systems analysis

Our Goals: 


  • To exceed your expectations through exceptional value, service and innovation

  • To create a company that will last forever by satisfying the technology needs of our customers

  • To deliver exceptional service and tailor-made software and busines products to you, the customer