Business leaders who believe in the potential value that technology can bring, but who lack a rigorous method to realise it, need a Business Strategy for IT. This is a high level, broad strategic view of what value the various stakeholders believe technology could provide, a measurement of where the business is currently and a guided journey to achieve it.




The outcome of building a business strategy for IT is that all parties (business, IT and operations) are in agreement as to what is expected from IT. Achieving this agreed goal typically requires changes within the business, plus the addition of certain services. Using our intimate understanding of the Relevant IT approach, we have developed the most regularly needed services that companies can easily outsource.




Every business collects data in multiple systems, but seldom leverages the richness of the knowledge that lies within. When a clear strategy is in place to achieve an agreed outcome, the value to extract from this data will become clearer.

Design and 

Assess your requirements

The starting point for any solution - assess and design. With close engagement and strong working relationship providing agnostic, innovative and detailed advice, architecture and consultancy.


Technology Consulting

Miniata can help your organisation plan for immediate and future requirements. Our consulting services identify business drivers and objectives and then align current and future state technology to these through the enhancement of the IT strategy.


Business Architecture

Miniata can design infrastructures for organisations of all sizes to meet the demands of your business now and in the future.


Technology Audit & Assessment

Miniata provides a range of services to help customers ascertain exactly where their IT infrastructure is at. These services can be undertaken as part of a wider strategy review or as simple stand-alone services with a consultative, documented output of current state and recommended

next steps.

Deploy and Implement 

your Product

The ‘doing’ phase. This may encompass one of many areas from simple engineering to complex data centre implementations using both on-site and cloud strategies to facilitate a ‘hybrid’ approach. 



Our logistics, project management and inherent knowledge of all things technical in the business arena, coupled with our constant cycle of process improvement, bring together a service that is second to none, to deliver a product that is not only functional, but grows with your business.


Technology Build

All architectures and designs need excellent resources to bring them to a reliable functioning state. Miniata employs and has access to some of the best skills within the South African IT industry.



Increasingly cloud technology is penetrating the business space and brings with it many advantages as well as potential disadvantages. Miniata has been at the forefront of cloud technologies since their inception. 

Support and Maintain 

your solution 

Tailored to the specific solution. Miniata provides all levels of support from break-fix through to fully managed services. Levels of support can be tailor-made to suit each individual customers requirements. 



Miniata provides a full range of maintenance services for everything we sell through our own engineering resource, partners and vendors – all from a single point of contact.



Operating 24/7, 365, Miniata's Network Operations Centre service desk provides first, second and third line technical support with escalation to vendors for all technologies within the Miniata portfolio.



Miniata provide a number of outsource models from hosted, fully remote, on-site and hybrid along with out-task and breakfix options. The traditional benefits of lower cost, improved service and access to higher levels of expertise are coupled with an individual approach driving an experience for each customer that is bespoke to them.